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Full Length Plays / Television / Features / One Acts


the broken'hearts of a corrupted white house

This second ‘Presidential Play’ follows E. Howard Hunt and his wife Dorothy through their tumultuous marriage and struggles amidst a political cover-up designed to make any and all persons disposable in protection of the President. Dorothy Hunt, barely mentioned in history, was very early in her perception that The White House was forgoing morals for power and money; as well she refused to let the President cast aside those, and families of those, who had broken the law by direct order their government. (1W, 4 M - 2 hours)

 *Developed, in part, through The Lark, Echo Theater Company's Playwrights Lab and New Dramatists' Creativity Fund Workshop.

the shooters of an american president

On November 22nd, 1963, just after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, two shooters from Dealey Plaza meet in an undisclosed location while waiting for their handlers to give further instruction. An exploration of how we citizens both vilify and pedestal our leaders; how easily our belief or aversion of our leaders can turn to radicalism. (2M - 90 minutes)

 *Originally developed and written through New Dramatists' Play Time Development Program; additionally developed through Echo Theater's Playwrights' Lab.

three girls never learnt the way home

Three high school girls are bused into a neighboring affluent town as part of a controversial school integration program. However, a mysterious encounter sends a panic through both towns. The first play in a new cycle about the unbalanced education system in the United States. (4F - 100 minutes)

 *Developed, in part, through The Lark, Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Black Swan Lab, and Primary Stages' Dorothy Strelsin New American Writers Group. Semi-finalist for the O'Neill Playwrights Conference.

"i am a drop'dead gorgeous, fabulous, stylish, exotic'ass gem amongst thousands of rocks"
by elliot rodger

A re'framing of the school shooting in Isla Vista, just outside the University of California at Santa Barbara. (2W, 2M - 2 hours)
 *Developed in part by Primary Stages' Dorothy Strelsin New American Writers Group, SPACE on Ryder Farm with Ensemble Studio Theatre, and The Lark

the living'life of the daughter mira

In a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the premature baby Mira looks to her Labor/Delivery nurse as a mother figure while she tries to survive her challenging first weeks. Elsewhere in the hospital, her teenage mother and uncompromising family clash over who is fit to even raise a child. Meanwhile, Mira’s father struggles to keep a promise made to his daughter nine months earlier on a mysterious beach, in an aging Chevy Blue Cassanova van. (3W, 2M - 2 hours)

 *Developed in part by the Lark Play Development Center, Luna Stage (West Orange, NJ) and Primary Stages' Dorothy Strelsin New American Writers Group
 *Awarded National Latino Playwriting Award by Arizona Theatre Company
*Named one of the Best Unproduced Latin@ Plays 2017 by the 50 Playwrights Project


An extended Mexican-American family in Los Angeles over Christmas; invisible children screaming from a flickering hospital; and two mothers dead'set on protecting their sons split apart the family, no matter what the cost. (3W, 3M - 2 hours)

 *Developed in part by Primary Stages' Dorothy Strelsin New American Writers Group
*Received the 2015 Repertorio Espanol Met Life Nuestra Voces 2nd Place Award.

so go the ghosts of méxico, part one
-a brave woman in mexico-

The first of a three-play cycle exploring the U.S./Mexico drug wars. The first play is inspired by the "Bravest Woman in Mexico," follows a twenty-two year old woman who volunteers to replace a beheaded police chief when nobody else would accept the position; which sets a chain of reactions in her husband, the Narcos, and perhaps the entire country of Mexico. (1W, 4M - 2 hours)
*Received the 2012 Princess Grace Award in Playwriting.
*A New York Times Critics Pick.
*Now published by Samuel French, to purchase: click here


so go the ghosts of méxico, part two

Two warring drug cartels in which the reins of power shift,the method of delivery is ever'changing, and loyalty exists nowhere; this second play in a 3-play cycle about the U.S./Mexico drug wars explores the ridiculous machismo of narco culture as shown through a cast of all women. (5W - 90 minutes)

*Developed in part by Sundance Institute's Theater Lab and New York Theatre Workshop, and New Dramatists through the Bucket List Initiative, a program supported by a grant from Venturous Theater Fund of Tides Foundation.

*Developed as part of Baryshnikov Arts Center's 2015 Artist in Residence Program.


so go the ghosts of méxico, part three
-a daughter sings the poet song-

The final installment in a three-play cycle, inspired by poet Javier Sicilia. A mother from México searches for her missing daughter, who may have gotten caught up in the drug trade between our two countries. However, her daughter's story may not be what it seems, especially after a mysterious woman of  American Intelligence begins to control their narrative. (2 W, 2 M - 90 minutes)

Developed in part by New York Theatre Workshop and New Dramatists through the Bucket List Initiative, a program supported by a grant from Venturous Theater Fund of Tides Foundation. Dramatists' Sundance Institute's Theater Lab and New York Theatre Workshop's Emerging Artists of Color Fellowship.

i put the fear of méxico in'em

An American couple on holiday in Tijuana stumble off the beaten path, and are accosted by a Mexican couple in an alley. (2W, 2M - 2 hours)

"What ensues is a complex encounter that challenges notions of boundary, safety, identity and what you would do for your family. It's a dissection of difference, of connection, of the borders and barriers we use to distance ourselves, and those dangerous moments when we cross over those borders and barriers."
-Philip Himberg, Artistic Director Sundance Theatre Program

*Received the 2009 Sundance Institute Time Warner Storytelling Fellowship Award.
*Received the 2012 Repertorio Espanol Met Life Nuestra Voces 3rd Place Award.
*Published by NoPassport Press and Samuel French


the nature of captivity

In part one, a put'upon family is run from their home by a settlement of people. In part two, a settlement of people get a surprise guest while simply trying to run a put'upon family from their home. Inspired by the Dog Catcher Riots. (2W, 2M - 2 hours)

*Published by Samuel French, to purchase click here
 *Awarded the "Top Prize of the Americas" by the BBC.
 *Developed as part of Mabou Mines/Suite Resident Artist Program (2009-10 & 2010-11).


nobody rides a locomotive no'mo

Through bottles of booze and the nearby rumblings of a passing freight train, a daughter gets lost through the cracks of her broken Los Angeles home. (2W, 1M - 90 minutes)

*Developed as part of Rising Circle Collective's The Refinery program.


Television Scripts



The Kid, Billy - original pilot

A modern-day retelling of the outlaw Billy the Kid. (hour drama)


Colonia - original pilot

A magical’realistic drama that revolves around the evolution of a refugee camp in the imagined town of Colonia, outside of El Paso; where Narco-Refugee Asylum cases often wait years for trial. Inspired by the real life story of  “The Bravest Woman In México”. (hour drama)


This Town - spec for "Entourage"

After Vince's downward spiral at the close of season 7, his boys attempt to bring their childhood friend back from the death of gossip jokes and loss of respect from his arrest. Eric managees to line up an opportunity for Vince to present at the Academy Awards, and while the boys get their leader ready for the ball, Vince isn't sure if he'll be allowed back in. (1/2 hour comedy)

What Now - spec for "Enlightened"

Amy Jellicoe must come to grips with that change does not come so easy after the novelty of her exposing Abbadon Industries leads to unemployment and a search for a new beginning and attempts to reconnect with those she crossed. (1/2 hour comedic drama)




Feature Scripts



Based on the true story of a restaurateur Frederico Fiengo, who ran a restaurant called Frederico’s in the financial district of New York City during the 1980’s shortly before the Wall Street crash. Frederico’s was in Hanover Square and for a brief period of time became an extravagant hot’spot for Wall Street traders, women, and all the excesses that they were swimming in. Oliver Stone and Michael Douglas visited several times to research the film Wall Street.

In the film, Francesco had been running a small restaurant with his mom in Greenwich Village when he left to help with a struggling downtown restaurant. In the lure of Wall Street money, drugs, and women, Francesco begins to drift off from his wife, mother, and family, to the world of cocaine, Stoli, and whatever else their escalating bankbooks could allow.

Frederico Fiengo and his cousin were part of the inspiration for Vincent Patrick’s novel “The Pope of Greenwich Village,” which was later made into a film. And while this is in no way a sequel, it is another look at a character from that New York world and how the money of Wall Street moved in and changed both him and his city. (drama)

*Finalist for Sundance Institute Screenwriters' Lab.





One Act Plays

Alone In Our Sex

Two lovers discover that their sexual pasts are literally never gone from their bedroom. (1W, 1M)

 *featured in F*ckIt Club's Spring Fling

the bus that got cut over its eye

Several passengers on a long'distanced bus are taken on an existential journey by a drunken stranger. (2W, 2M)

 *Samuel French Festival Finalist.


A young woman visits her boyfriend's ridiculously judgmental family where she finds out exactly how they feel about both him, and her drink of choice. (4W)

 *featured in terraNOVA's Benefit


too many martinis to tell

A father tries to keep his two daughters close to his side while dealing with the sudden death of their mother. (2W, 1M)


the vampire lesson

A husband and wife find themselves in a absurd game of vengeance as the wife tries and tries again to exit the marriage. (1W, 1M)


wild follows the queen

A mother and son wake up on September 11th to find that his father may be trapped under the towers at the World Trade Center. (2W, 1M)

 *featured in Samuel French's Short Play Festival


wonders of the human body

A put'upon wife begins to educate herself in the face of her comedically oppresive husband. (1W, 1M)